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Cryptocurrency And C-EXINS.CO

Struggling to make a better market place and an informative portal

The Company

We tried to bring our ideas reflect into the real world productive, informative, servicing, in aspect of popularity — a good marketing place which provide an adequate knowledge & awareness of protection of electronic assets. Which could provide enough counseling to the novice, intermediate & to the experts so they could share their experiences to make people how to save their deficits; also provide the knowledge of protection, recovery of digital, crypto and fiat assets; invested & savings of finance.

Defamation and Misconceptions:

as it is the truth that; “every fame had jealousy.

We also become a target of it. Actually, during the times we all have passed, but all of us still could not bring ourselves out of those problems as yet. On our side, C-EXINS.CO is still facing the long term crisis; but it could not do our vision weaker.

COVID-19 is a big challenge of these days. Health, Social & Financial crisis making people tiered. We gathered the digital statistics about our website that why its SCAM rating is being increased and also gathered the analytics about C-EXINS.CO‘s defamation and misconception then we found that some people making about our site misunderstood while we also analyzed slight deeper than the statistics clearly appeared: few people were trying to make us fall into the ‘SCAMER’ crisis. And we identified and found their links from the infamous blogs and forums by which they were defaming C-EXINS.CO for proof.

Now, we are trying to bring our site back to the market to make it useful for our Clients, Surfers and Subscribers.

As a chairman of our Based Software Company realized that “Saving a crypto assets was quite hard in the past time. I also declare it that! “we have lost a big amount of money in the form of cryptocurrencies.” (Chairman Mr. Z Ali)

What actually happened?

Hackers, Crackers, Scammers, Phishers rushed, in the past days, to take an ordinary person’s money out easily. While we, C-EXINS.CO, were specially amazed about the scammers’ activities regarding C-EXINS.CO because we had been working in the Computer field for 18+ years. We seemed it was very hard to hack our system, because of the security reasons, but we experienced that quite Sensible (person & organizations) have got involved into these type of corruptions and frauds. Few of them was regarding the security personals. It was very astonishing for C-EXINS.

C-EXINS.CO was not actually a company and still not, we are working hard to turn it in. Hackers made our Software developments and services totally got stuck even they made us hard to survive not only in the Software field as well in the Cryptocurrency even the livings got harder.

We Trust on GOD! everything is getting better and in the coming days may more. We should not be dishearten. Not we should.

Our domain’s developments starts because of security and safety issues.

To provide knowledge to: How and Where to report anyone his Complaints about the Cyber Frauds. For this, we have put our struggles to make it easy & useful for our visitors, customers & subscribers on our security & safety principle website

Advance developments & features would be added for the visitors, customers & subscribers to provide knowledge about how to keep safe their systems from the hackers and lots of information about safety principles.


Late 2009, Bitcoin BTC was introduced as a Crypto currency in the money market. It was the test network, rate for 1 BTC was $0.001 USD. Single penny/ cent was called Satoshi which is depends upon 8 decimals as it is 0.00000001.

Now, we pass swiftly the history of cryptocurrency and get to the recent running market analytical rates, 1 Bitcoin (BTC) has lapsed about $59,000.00 USD last few days ago.

Prediction about the variation of the max limit rate of Bitcoin is that it may raise between $100,000 to $250,000 USD until the next year. In the parallel there are many more alternate crypto currencies are revaluating in the Currency Markets.

What we intending to participate in?

It needs a layman to get informed about the market updates & the new Cryptocurrency Developments as well as Security & Safety of their Crypto Assets. We are trying to play our part in, how could we help people to make their Systems & Crypto Assets safe. It is not last but least. You would find many resources regarding Cryptocurrency on our site C-EXINS.CO like Mining Farm houses, Rental mining service providers, Digital Payment processors, Cryptocurrency Trading Exchanges & much more informative resources and contacts.

C-EXINS.CO — is going to be redesigned by our Based Software Company and would be replaced & alive after few weak. In the parallel projects we would get you informed about those time by time.

We appreciate your attentions you have put in reading the brief C-EXINS introduction & to know about the future of C-EXINS.CO projects planning.

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Twitter: @markcexinsco

“We are not a competitor, We are sustainers!”

[ Mark Stats ]
Media Administrator

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